Monday, August 15, 2016

Heading to Hopewell Rocks

Stewiacke and Amherst

Just a tidbit of interesting info. 
Stewiacke was named in the language of the local Mi'kmaq, First Nations people,
and is a word meaning "flowing out in small streams" and "winding river"
 or "whimpering or whining as it goes"

No trip through Stewiacke would be complete without this stop. 

Stewiacke's claim to fame is to be halfway between the North Pole and the Equator. 
There was also an 89,000 year old mastodon found in the area.
Who knows when it's birthday really is!! 

Amherst Visitors Center

New BrunswickHopewell Hill

It is 108' 2" long

Built in 1905

Adrienne after the perfect picture. 

No matter where you find them, a covered roadway is always inviting!

Everyone Needs a Shoe Tree

Walk for Hope is a fundraiser for Ovarian Cancer. 
We saw it while driving. I had to have a picture!! 

Hopewell Rocks

The reddish cliffs at the Hopewell Rocks were first formed millions of years ago as a massive mountain range – older than the Appalachians and larger than the Canadian Rockies – slowly eroded. Mud, pebbles and rock washed down the mountains into the valley. Over time, these deep layers of sediment compressed into solid rock, forming the basis for the formations.

As tidal action became stronger, it began to erode the soft sandstone along the shoreline. Surface water, filtering down through the vertical cracks in the cliffs, eroded from the top, gradually separating these large blocks of rock from the adjoining cliffs – many with the vegetation still intact.  Meanwhile, powerful tides began to carve away the bases, leading to the creation of numerous sea caves .

At low tide, the rockweed-covered mounds, which are evidence of toppled formations, show how much these cliffs have eroded. Geologists estimate, though, that there is still enough conglomerate rock for another 100,000 years of sculpted flowerpots.

Loved having these ladies visit us!! They were so, so easy!! They had their plan all taken care of. We got to join them as it fit our schedule. I think they should form their own company and set up tours for everyone!! 

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