Thursday, August 25, 2016

Adventures with Aisling

Headed to Brier Island


Yummy food makes a good trip better!! 
Lunch at the Shoreline Restaurant

Only my wonderful hubby thinks a hot hamburger sandwich is the thing to have
when in the scallop capital of the world!! 

Love the bay here at Digby. 
One time when you visit it will be at full tide, the next time it may be at low tide. 
We experienced both. 

What a difference a few hours makes!! 

On our way back through Digby, we ate lunch at the Fundy Restaurant
Yummy (more pricey) food there as well. 

Display of great scallop shells

Boar's Head Lighthouse on the way to Brier Island, this is from the ferry. 

The ferry is scheduled for every hour on the 1/2 hour. 
We arrived a little before the hour. 
I walked down to a beach to look for glass. 
The ferry arrived, Laurence drove on the pickup to wait to leave.
The ferry left. Ooops
Apparently that ferry leaves when there is a need....

Aisling and I were left behind......
She was finding me.

This is what the ferry dock looks like AFTER the ferry leaves.....

We traveled over on the "Joe Casey" ferry.
What nice guys!

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