Sunday, August 14, 2016

We Love Having Company!!

Visiting the Iconic Peggy's Cove

We were blessed to have my niece Adrienne along with two of our cousins 
Lisa and Shayla come to visit. 
What fun ladies they are!! We spent a couple of days with them. 
Mostly they went off on their own.
It was perfect for all of us. 
Aren't rental cars great!?!?
It was an overcast, somewhat foggy day. 
That is my favorite kind of day at the beach! 
Yep, can you believe I was her baby sitter?? 
Signs to stay off the black rocks abound. 
Unfortunately, so do silly people who think it doesn't mean them. 
Laurence was our trusted chauffeur!!
Love this girl!! 
She has a zest for life that I so admire. 
She truly knows how to work hard and play hard!!
Peggy's Cove is a fun place to visit. (Even tho' it is a HUGE tourist attraction, 
kind of like Yellowstone). I love the views in the cove as much or more than the lighthouse! 

 This....... is a fun crab that was swimming around at Sand Dollar Beach. 
We are so grateful for our circumstances!
The Lord has blessed us beyond our ability to comprehend!

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