Monday, July 18, 2011

On the Road to Retirment!

We have been looking for a 5th Wheel RV for a while now.
Laurence's brother Glenn and his wife Glenda have been here visiting for a while.
While they were here Glenda found this one on Craig's list for us.

We feel very blessed to have gotten it.
The people we bought it from took immaculate care of it.
This is the living room & kitchen area.
This is the computer/entertainment area.
The owners kept the trailer so spotless that it still smells new.

The kitchen area.
The owners never wore shoes in the trailer.
We were the first people to ever wear shoes in it.
The rug inside the door is white. (That will be quick to be replaced:)

Look at those gorgeous laminate floors. They are so beautiful!

Bedroom with a queen sized bed.

Doesn't this shower look incredible?
I can hardly wait to use it. Great for shaving your legs!! ;)
Thanks so much for finding it for us Glenda, and thanks to both of you for helping to make it happen  with all of your expertise!


  1. It is lovely! I bet you will really enjoy it. Now all you need to do is travel around with my Parents.

    ON a side note, I am surprised they didn't try to get you to buy theirs so they can have this one! Heehee.

    I am glad you had such a good time!

    I hope someone told you about the PITT family rule.. The men cook while camping and the Ladies put their feet up! ;)

  2. Now we can caravan to Alaska.

    So true Carmen.....the PITT family rule still reigns.

  3. I am truly looking forward to Alaska. I hope it comes to pass!!


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