Monday, July 18, 2011

Annie Oakley Watch Out!

Laurence's brother Glenn and his wife Glenda have been visiting.
Glenn is very involved in Royal Rangers. Royal Rangers is similiar to Boy Scouts, it is through their church. Glenn has been an instructor for many, many years and is very adept at many things.

Here he is teaching Laurence the art of Tomahawk throwing.
Glenn is very, very good at it!!

After throwing tomahawks we went to the rifle range.

We always shoot black powder.
Here is Glenn testing out one of his many rifles.

Aisling shooting the pistol that she got for her birthday.
She's pretty good with it.

Aisling trying the rifle that Glenn bought for Laurence along the way.
We love that Glenn looks out for us as he hits pawn shops and the like.
This is a 54 Caliber White Mountain Carbine Rifle

I shot the rifle next. This is where my shot hit.
I was pretty proud of myself.

Glenda shooting the pistol.
This is her first time ever shooting black powder.
 She did great!!

Glenda with Laurence's rifle.

Glenda's shot was right next to mine.
Watch out Annie Oakley!!

Laurence shooting the pistol
We had such a good time!!
Love it when Glenn and Glenda come to town!!
We hope they come again soon!!

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