Friday, July 22, 2011

A Day At Glacier National Park

Warning to one and all...... Photography Overload!!
While in West Glacier we took the shuttle as far up the Going to the Sun road as we could. The road was not open yet. This was actually great for us. We had the opportunity of walking further up the road past where the shuttles stopped. So fun!!
Laurence bought me a new camera on this trip. I love it. By doing this it made it so I gave him back his camera. He loves that!! However, it makes for 2X as many pictures!! So cool!

Glenn and Glenda on the shuttle up the mountain. We were lucky.... we had seats!

Heavens Peak was a beautiful mountain peak, highlighted right where we got off the shuttle.

More Heavens Peak

Heavens Peak.... Can you tell we liked it?!

Pretty little waterfall with columbine growing in the rocks

Walking up there were so many waterfalls right at the road.
The water was so cool and refreshing.... take a drink Glenda!!

One of the many beautiful views!

About this time Laurence and I fizzled out.
Laurence doesn't walk well, so I elected to hang out with him.
Aisling, Glenn and Glenda continued on.

These pictures Aisling took as they continued up the road.

More views. I am so glad I sent my camera with Aisling!!

The views are awesome.
Aisling said that Uncle Glenn told her that he has been in the Alps
and these are just as beautiful.

Glenda and Glenn at one of the beautiful waterfalls.
At this point Glenda was having terrific problems with her feet,
so she let Glenn and Aisling go on with out her.

My wonderful Aisling at the waterfall

Aisling and Glenn made it as far as they were allowed to go.
Bird Woman Falls

Bird Woman Falls, so beautiful!!

Definately the end of the road!


  1. Aisling did good with the picture taking. Glenn didn't do so well. He forgot to take a picture of the falls and just got the sign. haha
    We did have a great time with you guys.

  2. That makes me LAUGH!! Really missing you!! Wish you could come back... better yet, wish we could catch up with you! :)


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