Sunday, March 20, 2011

Stepping Back in Time (or Catching Up)

 We were in Utah a couple of weeks ago. I am just now getting these pictures posted. This is of a day I went to downtown Salt Lake to have lunch with a dear friend from high school, Virlene Norton Hirschi. We had lunch at The Garden, a restaurant in the top of the Joseph Smith Building. The Joseph Smith Building used to be Hotel Utah, and has been remodeled into a fantastic building with restaurants, a small family history library, a beautiful lobby, etc. Lunch was so delightful that I forgot to take any pictures. These are the pictures I took earlier that day.

The Salt Lake Temple, this picture was taken from the window of
The Garden Restaurant.

This picture of the Salt Lake Temple was also taken from The Garden, just a different window.
There are some bridal parties on the sidewalk in front of the temple taking wedding pictures. This is where Laurence and I were married 24 1/2 years ago.
Another angle on the Salt Lake Temple. This is taken from the Observation Deck of the LDS Church office building. They do great tours there!

This miniature replication of the Salt Lake Temple is in the South Visitor's Center on Temple Square.
It was made by a company out of Toronto. It is amazing to look at. This was my first time to see it.

While I was there the gardens and gardeners were so busy! I know it will be OUTSTANDING the first weekend of April for General Conference. When I was 21, preparing to go on my mission to Ireland I met with the head gardener for the church; Peter Lassig. He invited me to work with him when I returned from my mission. I didn't ever take him up on that. It surely would have been an amazing experience.

 During the summer they do tours of the gardens on temple square and the area. I surely would like to go on one of those sometime!

The Utah State Capitol, this is also taken from the obseration deck of the
Church Office Building

The Wasatch Mountains from the Church Office Building.

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  1. Amazing architecture and some very lovely flowers!


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