Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Another Incredible Meal.....

Last night for dinner I called my cousins daughter Tracy to find out the name of a restaurant they take Viv and Dave to when they're in town. It was the Tepanyaki. We went to the one in downtown Salt Lake. The Tepanyaki is a Japanese restaurant where they prepare the food right at your table. They really put on quite a show.
Aisling catching shrimp tossed to her by spatula...
Laurence was tossed several shrimp also. He didn't do nearly so well as Aisling....

A wonderful meal like that calls for a fantastic dessert!!

Oh how I LOVE Baskies...... I was first introduced to Baskin Robbins in the 70's when I was living with Viv and Dave...
Some things never change.... I've shared my love for Pralines and Cream with Aisling.

Laurence always goes for the fruity varieties....

What a fun night....
Good thing there are no Baskin Robbins in Colstrip!! :)


  1. Awesome Pictures! Everyone looks so wonderful!

    Send me a update on what is going on there through email! Catch me up on things. :)

  2. I am drooling!!! Glad you enjoyed it!!

  3. Did you put an M between my first and last name @ yahoo ?

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