Thursday, March 31, 2011

Hot Flashes...No More.......

There are many introductions I am extremely grateful for. Each for a different reason.
  • I'm grateful my cousin introduced me to Pralines and Cream Ice Cream at Baskin Robbins.
  • I'm grateful for the individuals that introduced my wonderful husband and I.

It says that it is a light, greaseless, botanically based cream that's conveniently packaged with an easy, pre-metered pump.

All I know is that when I use it, I DON'T HAVE HOT FLASHES!! If I forget for a couple of days the hot flashes are back. Laurence is grateful to Minda as well. I no longer throw all the covers on him and then take all of mine and his as well back later.

I told Minda about my misery and she immediately send me two bottles of the cream. What a sweetheart!! I told her I'm in love all over again! I'm not sure which I love more, her for sharing it or the cream for doing it's job!
Yeah Minda! Yeah Cream!
Yeah Me!!


  1. Sounds like something I'll have to keep in mind for later. :) My grandma had a hysterectomy at 40, and my mom suffered through menopause, so I think I better get ready!

  2. I always vote for ice cream Viv!! Baskies here we come!


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