Friday, November 26, 2010

These are a Few of My Favorite Things!!

I never have been, nor will I ever be accused of being a a wonderful decorator. I wish I was. I wish I were able to put cherished things together and make my home look like it came out of some wonderful magazine.
Instead I simply collect the things I like and enjoy them for myself. Perhaps when we move, my talented neighbors will help me to do it beautifully!! (Hint, hint....)
For now let me share a couple of things that I cherish.
These are two shaving mugs. The first belongs to Laurence's dad, Lawrence. It is a "proper" shaving mug. It has the inside lip and the brush. So cool! 

Laurence's father's (Lawrence Pitt) shaving mug
Thursday Laurence put up a couple of shadow boxes for me to they could each have their own little nook. Thanks sweetie!!
I jokingly told Laurence that I should get my dad's. He agreed. Then I told him that dad used an old melamine teacup and brush. Nothing real attractive. I wonder if mom still has it...
This little item is one that every girl that went through Primary in our church when I did and before will recognize. It says "I will bring the Light of the Gospel into My Home". It was all cross-stitched except for my name at the bottom. I had it framed in a cheap, cheesy metal frame and it had gotten a little damp. I restored it and had it framed. I believe that we did this when we were 10 years old. I am so glad I still have this little momento. AND it has my name on it so there is no confusing who the owner is..... there must be literally thousands of them out there.


  1. Where have I been, Aunt Sidney? I have never seen shaving mugs! Okay, I might have but never paid attention and don't remember.

    Something else handmade! What a treausre.

  2. I stitched one of these in Primary too. I did not put my name on it but I still have it framed on my wall. And a few years ago I counted the stitches and made a pattern of it. Then I stitched a new one in different colors on counted cross-stitch fabric. I am going to teach my Activity Day girls how to make one this week.


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