Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Sheri and Janice Came to Visit!!

Shortly after I got home from Seattle Sheri, Janice and little Ellie came to visit. They were on their way back to Arlington after visiting their parents who are serving a mission for our church in Nauvoo. They were here less than 24 hours and we LOVED every minute of their visit!!! I took them to Castle Rock Lake (more affectionately called the surge pond around here). It was fun to get the feet wet. I think Ellie particularly liked it as she was tired of that darn car seat. (And who can blame her?)
Next we went to the Rosebud Mine. After a brief safety training, Laurence took us on a tour. Ellie graciously slept through the entire thing, bless her heart. Here are Janice and Sheri inside one of the smaller buckets.

I love the sight of a silouetted dragline. I know that's corny, but it is really a sight I've come to love. This was taken from the bottom of the pit. Unfortunately we weren't able to get permission to take them onto the dragline. RATS!
Gotta love these Kress haulers. (They hold 250 tons of coal) They always make you feel so insignificant. However, Sheri and Janice have too much personality to let even a Kress make them insignificant!!
I was hoping to see some wildlife to show off, but all we saw was this guy and lots of deer. They frequently see bobcats, mountain lions, fox, coyotes and many others out there. (Laurence had a bobcat outside his office window last week.)
With plenty of bribing with Mickey D's happy meal toys, Ellie finally warmed up to me. What a cutie!!
As a GRAND FINALE, Janice did my toes!! She has no idea how badly I have wanted her to do that. I feel so girly!! AND here we are weeks later and the flowers and the jewel are still perfect!! Thanks Janice!
And thus ends our wonderful visit from Janice, Sheri and Ellie. Come again really soon!!
We Love You!!


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