Friday, November 26, 2010


I love Christmas!!
I couldn't always say that, but I'm working hard to get my heart back into it!!
My FAVORITE thing is to get out my Nativity and set it up.
My Nativity isn't elegant, it isn't huge
but it's mine and I LOVE it!!
Laurence and I bought the ceramic nativity set when we first got married.
We got it at that famous, chic boutique...... Costco ;)
However, it is the stable that I LOVE!
My dad made the stable years and years ago.
I remember him and mom going out to the honey house (which doubled as a shop in the winter),
and coming back with a stable for mom.
He had used a wooden box that some sort of bee supplies came in.
I wanted one so dad went back out and used the other half of the box and made one for me.
The other stable and nativity set will go to Aisling at some point in the future.
I made the ceramic nativity set that Mom has.
But hers isn't fancy either. I'm not an artist so hers is all cream colored with an antique wash on it.
I have shown this pot holder in the past.
In the summer each pot holds pretty flowering plants.
At Christmas it is all decked out with 3 arrangements my friend Kit made for me.
They don't look as goood this year as they did last year when they were fresh, but they're still great!
 (And she has moved so there went my on demand florist:)


  1. Handmade stables and a nativity set you love? I say that is just about perfect.

    Very unique! Love the flowers.

  2. My Nativity and Nauvoo village are both in Nauvoo but I have a few other special ideas in mind!


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