Monday, August 16, 2010


We visited the Teddy Roosevelt National Park in ND yesterday. The rock formations are incredible. I could just see the little blue smurf's living in these little mushroom houses.
Many of the formations remind me of the rock formations found out behind my parents house at a place we call the HooDoos.
Now who said that trees could grow on these outcrops?
At the entrance we got Laurence's America the Beautiful - National Parks and Federal Recreational Lands Pass - Senior Pass. It cost us $10. now it is good for entrance for the rest of his life. Yeah us!!
The Little Missouri River passes through here. It is amazing how green Montana and North Dakota are. You would think it was June not August.
We had a good laugh here! Scoria Point, are you kidding me? ..... we LIVE on top of a hill of scoria; that is why it doesn't hold any water. Scoria is coal that has burned in the earth. It is red in color and it can be very sharp or it can be very pourous.
And of course, while we were looking at the buffalo a lady from Texas got out of her vehicle and walked over to get a better/closer picture. What are people thinking of???
Don't forget those little prairie dogs......
We had such a fun drive through the park.
It'll be fun to see if we have time for more field trips while we are here.


  1. Love the formations- would love to see the HooDoo's someday.

  2. Those are beautiful formations. Would love to see that some day.
    - People are crazy. I think they are unaware that buffalo are not docile. I guess they think they will just lay there?! About as crazy as the people around here that walk past gators as if they are actually just getting a sun tan on the banks.


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