Monday, August 2, 2010

Are YOU my Daddy????

You may recall that when we were at Arrowhead about a month ago a baby moose was hit by a car and killed. This time while we were there we saw several bull moose. I kept wondering if any of them were the daddy of the baby that was killed.

No matter how many pictures I take, I am continually struck by their beauty and majesty.
Yes, I know she isn't anyone's daddy. But I actually think she is the mama that was hit while we were here before.


  1. Loved all the pictures. You're a great photographer! When we lived in Alaska, I use to enjoy seeing the Moose grazing in the fields between Ft. Richardson and Elmendorf AFB where I worked. Miss those days.

  2. I "heart" moose! I think they are so amazing. These pics are neat. It makes me miss Alaska (like my Mom)said earlier.


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