Saturday, May 22, 2010

My Kind of Saturday! Castle Rock

Today has been a wonderful day! The weather has been the practically perfect work in the yard day! AND to top it off, Laurence and I were here to take advantage of it! After several hours of building fence, mowing lawn, planting flowers... well you get the picture. We were tired so went for a drive out past the Rosebud Mine. I love southeastern Montana in the spring. We drove past Castle Rock. Castle Rock is a landmark around here. It is about 8-9 miles out of town. When we first moved here the teenagers would go rapelling out there. However they can't do that now, because it is on mine property and they have mined around it. It looked really odd when they were mining around it, and it was there in middle of things. Now they are in the process of doing the reclammation work around it and returning the old buildings that were there. The blue flax is so pretty when it blooms.

This Western Kingbird was sitting atop a telephone pole. Laurence did a great job getting the shot!

We tried to get some mountain bluebirds, but they were not very cooperative!!


  1. Wow! I love it! What a nice day with your husband.

  2. I think spring would be a great time to tour through your area- maybe we will get there one of these years.

  3. We love to have company!! Come on over!! However, Sheri you better get with it...... I hear retirement calling us.....:)


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