Thursday, May 6, 2010

Just a Little Struttin'

We always have lots of red-wing blackbirds here (too many actually), but only the very rarely do we see Yellow-Headed Blackbirds. When we do see them it is usually one yellow-headed blackbird in a whole flock of red-wing blackbirds. They always look sort of like one black sheep in a flock of white sheep. I decided this year I was for sure going to get a picture if one should appear. Doesn't he look proud!
Not only did he appear..... but he brought friends! They've been here for two days now. They are really skittish, all I have to do is move in my office chair and they are gone. My goal is to get a picture that is not through my office window, but so far they haven't been up to posing when I open the door......


  1. Beautiful. When we lived at the Lake we were always watching the Birds. We have seen plenty "red wings" but I have never seen "yellow headed" black bird! He is beautiful.

    Glad he brought friends! Fun.

  2. Aunt Sidney. Remember you asking me about a blog that made things from scratch, etc. I couldn't find it at the time but I think this is it.

  3. Now you just need to train them and have some new pets!


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