Sunday, May 2, 2010

My Favorite Season is Here!!

Last week the young women from our church had a garage sale. This was my TREASURE!! Yes indeed it truly is a Griswold #8 cast iron Dutch oven. I was so delighted! It cost me $5.00!
It did not come with a lid, so if anyone out there runs into a lid for a #8 Tite-top Griswold Dutch Oven please let me know.

And to think Garage Sale Season is just beginning!

I'm anxious to see what the season will bring next!!


  1. Glenn wants to know if you feel guilty by ripping someone off like that. lol Will keep our eye open for a lid.

  2. OH! (eyes popped out!) So, NICE! You so out did me! You should feel giddy!!! I bet my Dad's mouth hit the floor just before Mom posted the above comment. 5 bucks!!(snicker!) I can hear my Dad now, "She could sale it for..."

  3. I LOVE garage sales!! Way to go Sid!


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