Thursday, November 5, 2009

Times They are a Changin'!!

23 years ago today, Laurence and I drove down to Salt Lake. We got there in time to go to the courthouse and get our marriage license. We stayed that night with Viv and Dave. I thought it would be fun to unearth some pictures from then! We were married in the morning of November 6th for Time and All Eternity in the Salt Lake Temple. Dave performed the ceremony. Afterwards we had a luncheon at Viv and Dave's house. It was delicious!! Laurence's mom and sister Mila came, along with many of my family. (This picture isn't very good, it was a polaroid and I waited too long to scan it).We left the next morning for a honeymoon in Ireland! Oh how I LOVE Ireland!! (Laurence thinks it is way cold!!)
This is Bunratty Castle just outside Limerick and the happy couple!!
As was the custom at the time, because Lovell was so far from a temple, we held our reception after we got back from Ireland. Things have changed so much since then! We now have a temple in Billings (although I would still go to Salt Lake!), we have one more absolutely amazing daughter, we are nearing retirement, we have grandkids and great-grandkids. Yes indeed, times they are a changin'! This much I have learned: I am married to an incredible man!! He loves the Lord and is wonderful to me! He was certainly worth the wait! He is so thoughtful!! I am really looking forward to retirement and going on a mission together!! He'll be the best mission companion ever!! I could never ask for anything more!! Here's to 23 more wonderful years!! Thanks so much for the past 23 Laurence!! I LOVE YOU!! You make my life complete!!


  1. Happy Anniversary!! I love the wedding pictures, what fun memories.

  2. What do you mean, "Times they are a changin'"- you two look ( and no doubt act) the same!

  3. so fun to see your wedding pictures!

  4. AWE SHUCKS... This was a great stroll down memory lane!!! Pretty bride!!

  5. Awesome! Happy Anniversary you guys! You still look so great!


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