Monday, November 2, 2009

Friday Harbor on Wednesday... The Fun Continues!

On Wednesday Viv and I drove to Anacortes. What a beautiful town. I'm sure it's expensive to live there, but exploring it would be tons of fun!!
We took a ferry to Lopez Island and then another ferry to Friday Harbor. These are a part of the San Juan islands. What a fun, fun time!! I loved the time on the ferry. So fun to be on the water. As I've said before I really should live where there is more water!!
This is the beautiful Lopez Island. The trees there are beautiful!
It was so fun to be on the ferry, there were so many islands! It was fun to imagine how life would be to have a home on one of them, or to actually own your own entire island!:)
Lunch at Friday Harbor! I LOVE good Fish and Chips (my Irish mission/heritage), and these were wonderful!! They also had really good malt vinegar. It doesn't get any better for lunch!!
I had such a fun fun day!! Thanks so much Viv for making it absolutely wonderful!!


  1. I love taking the ferry out there! what a fun, fun day!

  2. I'm ready for more of those fish and chips!!! They are worth the price of the ferry ride just to eat them! It is fun to read about your trip! (Glad I got to go!)

  3. I am absolutely drooling over the fish and chips. Yummy! I'm glad you were able to show my mom such a good time. :)


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