Friday, December 12, 2008

Fun in Grantsville

We stayed with Tracy and Steve. What great hosts!! They and their kids were so good to us! It was so fun to stay up late talking to Tracy. I haven't done that in years! It's amazing that we both have daughters the same age. Steven and Conner gave us their beds, THANKS guys!!
Steve and Tracy are amazing and I was so impressed with their family and their home. Wish we lived closer to all of you!!
We got to go visit Erin & Bump. What a fun family. Quincy had a great time showing mom how to put the nativity together. Probably a bit different than it was that night 2,000 years ago:)
Erin, Quincy, Mom, Corbin, Gabby and Bump
What a wonderful family!! They are just great!
And the work they've done on their house is amazing!!
I didn't get a picture of the Christmas decor but if you look on Erin's blog it is there.
The house looks GREAT!!

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