Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas is HERE!!

I am so tickled to have our Christmas tree up!!! We haven't had one for several years. I had a project at work that I always let take priority. (Stupid me!!)So this year is my Hallmark Christmas. The tree has mainly Aisling's Hallmark ornaments we've purchased through the years. On other years I use my heirloom ornaments from my mom.
I got it up and decorated Saturday. Aisling and Laurence were thrilled. (Not to have the tree up, but to not have to do any of it!)
This is my Peanuts Gallery. I love the things Hallmark does with some of the comic strip characters. They used to do more.......(are you listening Hallmark?)
The cute battery operated candles were given to me by mom's secretary Peggy. She is the BEST!!

Am I too old for Barbie's? I don't think so!! I tell Laurence I do this because I didn't get any Barbie's when I was growing up!! I love my Barbie ornaments!! There are four others that are separate this year, they're from different countries. They belong to Aisling, she was given one every year by a dear friend when she was little.
Now for the bad news: Aisling sees all of this as unnecessary fluff. I'm sure that when I die you'll find them for a really good price on eBay. Sob, sob!!! Hmmmmm can I be buried with them?:)


  1. I love the barbies and the tree isn't so bad either!!! Good job for the queen Bee book lady!!!!


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