Friday, July 16, 2010

Lovell in May

We were in Lovell over Memorial Day. Lots of computer work to be done for Queen Bee. Have I mentioned how much of a Saint my sweetheart is? He keeps their computers going and receives nothing in return. Anyway, I digress..... we were so blessed to be there when Uncle Ron and Aunt Alice were there from Enumclaw, Washington. Uncle Ron, Aunt Alice, Mom and I at the graves of my great-grandparents Fred H. Bassett and Susan Alzina Bassett at the cemetary in Lovell.
Aunt Alice and Uncle Ron at the grave of my grandparents, Everett Baird and Susie Marie Bassett at the Cowley Cemetary. I wasn't in Cowley, I was at the factory helping Laurence with the computers. I stole this one from Mom.
While in Lovell, they went to see my Aunt Helen Walker. Aunt Helen is 102 and will be 103 in September. (If I'm off on this someone let me know, however if I am off it is that she is 103 going on 104). I really admire Aunt Helen. She does so well. She taught me History in the 6th grade. She wasn't my favorite teacher, something about demanding that you do your excuses, making you pay attention, ummmmm all those horrible things that we don't necessarily like but certainly need in a teacher. What a wonderful woman!
This is Uncle Ron, Rebecca Walker (Aunt Helen's daughter-in-law), Aunt Helen, Dean Walker (Aunt Helen's son), and Aunt Alice. Until just the past few years Aunt Helen lived on her own. Now she lives with Dean and Rebecca. Talk about Christ-like people!
A trip to Lovell would never be complete without a trip to the candy factory. Aunt Alice was getting together her purchases to take to Utah to her kids.
I tease her that she looks like Santa with her bag full of goodies. What a fun shopping trip.
Aisling stopped in the factory and I was able to get a quick picture of her and grandma before she headed back to Utah. Sure do love that girl. She's the very best!


  1. Can't wait to get back to Lovell some day and show Joel around. I think it is one of my favorite places to visit.

  2. Sheri, just name the day!! I would love to go down and help play tour guide. (However, in Lovell and Cowley the tour will be really, really short!!)

  3. You're right, an amazing group of people. I love Lovell, I have very fond memories of my stay there.

  4. That is such a sweet picture of Aisling and her grandmother! Very Special!


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