Tuesday, July 13, 2010

How Does My Garden Grow?

I so enjoy my garden. I like to find unusual ways or places to plant things. One of my favorite "containers" is this wicker bassinet I found put out for garbage. I had to remove the ruffles and lace, but now I am lovin' it! (Note to self, do not use both black and white plastic to line the wicker). I really like the way the petunias come out through the hood of the bassinet. So fun. Last year I had it back by the pond, this year I have it in front. I think it is doing better this year. Perhaps it just likes being admired.
A new ice plant is blooming, an orange one to go along with the neon pink and neon gold ones.
The delphinium is doing remarkable this year. If we continue without hail I'm sure it will continue to thrive.
The monarda has just started to bloom well. I got this start last spring. It is a huge plant this year. Monarda attracts butterflies and hummingbirds.
My evening primrose that I got at the Colstrip Garden Club perennial sale this spring. It is doing amazingly well for only being here about 6 weeks.
These Barbara Bush petunia's are amazing! They grow quite tall, have gorgeous blooms, are drought resistant and are supposed to freely reseed themselves. So fun!!


  1. Your garden grows... BEAUTIFULLY! Wish I could come and sit back and relax in it while truly enjoying the beauty.

  2. Come on over Sheri!! I'll even get you a glass of lemonade!

  3. Love, love, love your garden! looks like it would be so fun to just sit back and enjoy all your flowers!

  4. If you find your wicker missing, it is because paid off the FED Ex Man to ship it to Tenn/KY :)

    You sure do have a green thumb!


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