Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My New Favorite Gardening Tool

I needed some new gardening gloves. I had worn through the tips of the fingers on my leather ones. I went to several stores and couldn't find anything like what I wanted. So, I tried a different type. These Atlas Nitrile Tough gloves are fantastic! I love them for planting, weeding etc. Now they would not work at all for working with thistle or roses those still require my tried and true leather gloves. They have a bit of elastic cuff that keeps the dirt from falling down into the glove. They also seem to wick the moisture out so your hands don't get so sweaty. Laurence purchased a pair as well and he loves them for weeding too.
Durable Nitrite Coating, resists punctures and abrasions, outperforms leather. No seams, fits like a second skin. Wears like iron; extremely durable. The flexible nitrile coating is tougher than rubber, protecting palms and fingertips from the rigors of every day work. Seamless lightweight black nylon knit liner increases comfort while it repels dirt and stains. Ideal for jobs requiring maximum dexterity and freedom of hand movement without the fatigue associated with heavier, bulkier gloves. Machine washable.

Addendum: I discovered they have them in colors as well. Now I have a pair of pretty pink ones too!!


  1. Oh, I like the sound of those- I've been needing a new pair of work gloves. Sounds worth looking into.

  2. I want some but where are they? Just somewhere like Lowes?

  3. I bought them at Ace Hardware in Forsyth, so I suppose they are pretty much everywhere. I got another pair today.... PURPLE. They were $6.29.


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