Thursday, March 18, 2010

No Surpise to Trife With!!

This has been such a fun week!! Saturday night I was unable to sleep, (I do that most of the time lately!), and was up changing the clocks etc. I heard steps on the deck....... I thought to myself, those dang deer, I can't believe they're up on the deck!! grrrrr
Imagine my surprise when the "deer" rang the door bell. I went to the door and was DELIGHTED to have my "deer" daughter Aisling standing there. What a wonderful surprise!! She had told me she wasn't coming for spring break. She even told me that as she was driving through Bozeman!! :)An added bonus was that she got to be here for St. Patrick's Day!! I LOVE St. Patrick's Day! It was so fun to get to share it with her once again. I've always gone a little overboard with St. Paddy's Day, and I've missed having her here for it. I served a mission for the LDS Church in Dublin Ireland in 1979-1981. I LOVE Ireland and the Irish People!! I have dear friends there and my heart is there.This year, since I wasn't feeling particularly well, I had sort of been a little lack lustre about it. Having her here made me make a great dinner. Can I tell you how much I like corned beef? I don't ever remember eating it in Ireland, but I do like it.
Here is our Irish Trifle complete with sprinkles on top. (It was prettier before the whipping cream lost it's volume).

And now we're back to real life.... my Deer Daughter returned to Ogden today. But it sure was fun! The best gift a mom could get!! Thanks Aisling for making my day, week, month..... Love You!!


  1. What a fun surprise! I think I want to have St. Paddy's day at your house, I'm really boring.

  2. Aisling looks so pretty in the pictures! What a deer experience! I'm ready to have some deer surprises with my kids... or at least some of my cousins trifle.

  3. What a great surprise!!!! That dinner looked super yummy!

  4. Awww. Love those Smiles!
    So glad she was able to surprise you!

  5. What a sweet surprise for her to show up on your door step! Sneaky girl :)


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