Monday, May 4, 2009

Turning the Hearts of the Children to the Father's

While we were in Lander we took the opportunity to go to the cemetary and pay our respects to Laurence's family. This is where Laurence's mother Ellen Pitt is buried.
My apologies that this is nearly impossible to see. This is in the Veteran's portion of the cemetary. This is Laurence's dad. Lawrence Pitt. He enlisted in the army as Raymond L. Pitt, because he went by Raymond although that is no part of his name. As a result, his headstone reads Raymond L. Pitt. The family however, knew him as Uncle Bud. Good luck to those coming behind trying to straighten out this genealogy!! (to borrow from Carmen, giggle) This is the headstone of his grandparents. Bessie Ellsworth and Laurence Pitt.
On the way home, we stopped in Lovell and went to the cemetary there. This is my father's headstone. The reverse side of the headstone has the names of all six kids listed on it. (Luckily for us there are no death dates!:)

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  1. Death really causes a time of reflection doesn't it? I'm glad there are no death dates on the back of your dads stone too... we wish there weren't on the front either.


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