Thursday, April 2, 2009

Aisling's 72-Hour Emergency Food Kit

Aisling is a student at Weber State University in Ogden, Utah. Last week for Family Home Evening this was their activity. The ward purchased and supplied the ingredients for a 72-Hour Emergency Food Can for each student that attended. Here is what they contained. Day 1: Breakfast: 1 package hot chocolate, 1 granola bar
Lunch: 1 can tuna, 1 pouch juice
Dinner: 1 package dry soup mix, 1 package trail mixDay 2: Breakfast: 1 package hot cocoa, 1 packet oatmeal
Lunch: 1 pouch juice, 1 beef jerky stick, 1 fruit snack
Dinner: 1 Candy bar, 1 fruit leather, 1 granola bar
Day 3: Breakfast: 1 packet hot cocoa, 1 packet oatmeal
Lunch: 1 Candy bar, 1 package nuts, 1 fruit snack
Dinner: 1 can tuna, 1 fruit snack I told Aisling that the only thing she has left to do is to buy a can opener and tape it to the can.

Thanks Bishop Willey for taking such good care of our kids!!


  1. ooo a g.i. can opener would be perfect for that

  2. Where does one procure one those illustrious instruments Kaleena?

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  4. This looks pretty good, you are a good girl. Love, Mom


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