Saturday, January 31, 2009

My Favorite Things

I was writing 25 things about me on Facebook and realized that I have many, many favorite things. The top of my list of favorite things is my family. I have a picture of my family here along with one of my oil lamps that I really like. My sister-in-law collects these and really knows about them. I just know I like them. Here it is sitting on a beautifully cut mirror that I got at a garage sale, on a doily that I got at an antique store. More of my favorite things. I thin I'm going to post more of my favorite things in the future.


  1. Beautiful display. I love the oil lamp. I must have the mate except for the beautiful turn knob. The mirror looks old too. Is it an antique? Love it.

  2. Love it! Love It! It is so nicely displayed! I love the doily on the glass! It does look like one that my Mom has! Do you know any of the history of it? ~ Carmen

  3. I think the mirror is an antique. But I don't know how to tell. I got it at a garage sale last summer for $1.00.
    I don't know anything about the lamp except I loved it so I bought it at the yard sale. I think it was about $4.00.
    I don't have anything like this that was in my family. Most of my family got to the west in covered wagons and handcarts. Glass oil lamps didn't make the trip or at least didn't make it to me.
    I do have a couple of things that were in my family. For instance my grandmothers treadle sewing machine. I'll have to put a picture of that on.
    I also have a couple of doilies that were in the family.

  4. Very Interesting!! I would like to see your sewing machine. I have one but it is only because I bought it at an antique store! I don't mind dreaming up fun stories to go a long with it since I don't know the history. ~ What great buys on the oil lamp and mirror.


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