Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I Am So Blessed!!

For quite some time now (a couple of years), my stove has been on it's deathbed. But, I kept nursing it along. I didn't really have the cash. I was down to one burner that worked well. The oven was still fine.
Last Sunday (a week ago), in church they asked if anyone needed a stove. Someone in town got a new one and their old one worked great, they just didn't need it anymore. We told them that if no one else needed it we would take it. No one else needed it. YEAH!!!!!Last Saturday, Brother Sloan brought it over and helped Laurence get it installed. Look at how it matches the dishwasher!! It was meant to be!! All I had to do was change the bottom panel on the dishwasher to match the stove and wa-la!! My efforts to be debt free are truly being blessed. Did I mention that this one is electronic AND SELF-CLEANING?! Neither of which my old one was!!


  1. looks great!!! i LOVE "new" things. =)

  2. Keep it up Sid, and you'll be blessed! It looks great!


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