Sunday, August 28, 2011

Last week we had the opportunity to go to Lander Wyoming and visit Laurence's family.
What a fun time!

We camped in Sinks Canyon. Monday night Teesha and Rheanna came up for dinner with us.
Tuesday Tanny and Orley took us up the mountain. What a fun drive!
We also got to spend part of Tuesday with Mila. In the evening we had dinner with Tanny and Mila. Orley had meetings and Mike wasn't back from work yet.
I forgot to take pictures of Mila, Mike, Tanny and Orley; but here are a few of Teesha and Rheanna. It was so delightful to see everyone!!
Laurence, Teesha and Rheanna
Those s'mores sure were yummy!! :)

Laurence and Rheanna
No one loves their grandkids more than he does!

Teesha and Rheanna

Yep, caught Teesha with one of those yummy s'mores!!

Rheanna got grandpa to help her with lots of s'mores....
wonder how she slept that night??

The Popo Agie River, flowing through the Sinks Canyon

Wind River Peak, the third highest mountain peak in Wyoming.


  1. I have always thought Teesha is so beautiful! She hasn't changed a bit since I saw her years and years ago! Her daughter is just as precious. Glad you had a good trip.

  2. glad you got to see Teesha and Rheanna (and everyone else, of course). Wish we could have camped with you guys. Sounds like a great time. The pictures are great.


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