Friday, February 19, 2010


Laurence has been having problems with his foot again..... a couple of years ago we went to a neurologist that really helped him, but it's back.....
The pain starts in his back and works it's way down. For a few days he was able to use his cane, then he graduated to his crutches. Now he has basically graduated to his bed, chair etc. He also crawls frequently....:(
He has an appointment to see the neurologist again, but March 2 is the first time they could get him in......
It is so, so swollen. He can't even get his crocs on. When I took him to the clinic he just had a sock on, used his crutches and I had to drive the car up to the base of the steps.
When I took him into the clinic last night, they put him on percoset, prednazone and indomet. We can't convince the doc at the clinic that it's not gout. It does act like gout, but the tests have all shown that it isn't. So now with the percoset, he gets some relief but is still in a lot of pain.
So, my dear friends and loved ones, please remember my dear sweetheart in your prayers. Thanks!


  1. Wow, that looks painful. We'll pray for him.

  2. So, so sad. I hope things will get better! You can count on our prayers.

  3. Darn it. I hope they figure out how to help him soon. We love you guys.

  4. Owie! I'm so sorry... hope you can get it all figured out. We will pray for him.


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