Friday, November 14, 2008

The Perks of Icky Days in Montana

My Flicker has returned. Today is his first visit.
The finches really pig out when the weather is changing.

They love having water to bathe and drink. I love having the birds around. The birdbath and some of the feeders are right outside my office window.
One thing I do love here is that when the weather gets icky, (definately a weather term!), the birds really come in. Some for a drink, and a quick clean up and some for food. There are always lots more when there is a storm brewing. Laurence calls my finches welfare birds. Oh well, I love them!!


  1. it must be hard to get any work done with so much going on outside!

  2. When you have told me about your birds I didn't really get a picture of how many and how pretty!!! Wow... keep showing us your wild pets!


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